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  • Grade 11 English
  • Grade 12 English
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The Ontario Curriculum for high school English is required to build upon various literacy skills in preparation for the workplace or post-secondary education. At Learning Curve, we value twenty-first century learning to effectively increase the complexity of students' literacy.

Being able to communicate yourself effectively, whether it be through oral presentations or essay writing, is a complicated task for young learners. At Learning Curve our team of professionals take the Ontario Curriculum standards and apply post-secondary concepts to heighten the performance levels of students.


  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Poetry and more


  • Novel studies
  • Shakespeare/plays
  • Articles and more

Oral Communication

  • Presentation skills
  • How to make powerpoints and more


  • Grade 9 Core, Immersion
  • Grade 10 Core, Immersion
  • Grade 11 Core, IB, AP, Immersion
  • Grade 12 Core, IB, AP, Immersion
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In Canada, commonly overlooked career paths are those that require the French language. By obtaining a high school education of French, students can begin to expand their job opportunities. Whether it be French immersion, AP French courses or even core French, all students are capable.

French language acquisition becomes increasingly difficult when students reach secondary school. Many students find it hard to keep up with difficulty levels and deem themselves incapable of learning the language. However, this is not the case with most students. Rather students find difficulty in learning because they lack the fundamentals that are required to learn any language.

Oral Communication
  • Pronunciation
  • Presentation skills
  • One on one communication
  • Participation and more
  • Short passages
  • French novels
  • Reading strategies and more
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and syntax
  • Essay writing
  • Report writing
  • Identifying sounds
  • Conversational skills
  • Use of French media


  • Grade 10 Physics
  • Grade 11 Physics
  • Grade 12 Physics
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To question, think, and understand things around us, is an innate quality that exists in all humans, and the journey to explore nature and the universe has humble beginnings; starting with physics introduced in the high school curriculum.

At Learning Curve, we understand that physics is a challenging subject to learn at first. The universe is under no obligation to make sense to us. Physics, being the study of the universe, means that some concepts can seem strange to us, but that’s just how the world works! That is why our focus at Learning Curve will be to sharpen critical thinking skills, explain concepts wherever necessary and iron out all details to present the students with a perfect picture of the subject. The first step to learning the material is a good explanation, then reading the texts, followed by ample practice and support!

Grade 11

  • Kinematics; Newton’s laws of motion
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Fundamental forces
  • Energy and society
  • Thermodynamics and nuclear energy
  • Waves and sound

Grade 12

  • The principles of dynamics
  • Circular motion
  • Energy and momentum
  • Gravitational, electric and magnetic fields
  • The wave nature and duality of light
  • Revolutions in modern physics


  • Grade 9/10 Math
  • Grade 11 Functions
  • Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Calculus
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Mathematics is one of the most striking skills one can learn in our diversifying world. Everyday more and more jobs require some type computational competence. Mathematics is an artistry we value heavily at Learning Curve. Our instructors find the best ways to present learning material by focusing on problem solving, reasoning and communicating knowledge and understanding.

Like any skill development, we prioritize acquiring the fundamentals of mathematics. We use resources that are beneficial for virtual education and student success. Learning how to effectively use graphic calculators, online graphing calculators such as desmos, and more.

Grade 9-10
  • Solve algebraic expressions
  • Explore linear equations
  • Solve systems of linear equations
  • Explore quadratic relations
Grade 11
  • Explore characteristics of functions
  • Exponential functions
  • Discrete functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Personal finance
Advanced Fucntions
  • Polynomial functions
  • Rational functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Logarithmic functions
  • Rate of change
  • Derivatives and their applications
  • Three-dimensional space
  • Application of vectors

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